Vorchestra: Keytracked Wavetables

If you warp through a wavetable based on a single note, you can get interesting variations within the frequency spectrum. For simpler sound sources (like many acoustic instruments), these variations aren’t very important for sound recreation. What’s more important is capturing an instrument’s frequency response over a range of frequencies.

This is where keytracking comes in!

Pulling a single cycle from different notes created by a particular instrument encodes its characteristics. They can then be replayed in a wavetable synth by adjusting the wavetable position with a note or key modulation source.

If you’d like to see how this is done or learn how to make your own tables, you can check out the Vorchestra playlist on youtube.

The table creation script can be found at github.

Finally, free wavetables and vital presets can be found on the 4free page.